Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Freshen to force 4

After too many weeks in the writing doldrums I've finally caught some wind in my sails.

This week so far I've written the first draft of a short story, a poem (see below) and I've half done two crucial scenes in 'The Novel'.
One scene is the major turning point for my hero . It comes about midway through the book. It's the point where a terrible event shocks him into re-evaluation and change.
The other scene deals with the failure of his hopes in the last pages of the story.

I shall now have three strong pegs to hang this novel on. I already have an outline, but that's a vague and changeable entity.
With these scenes I have an opening situation (a Hook, I hope), a crisis (with loads of dramatic effects cascading over the reader) and a satisfactory resolution(please God).

This may not be quite as significant as Virginia Woolf's
"Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.",but it feels GOOD.

I'm hoping for things to freshen up to a force 4.

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