Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Cosily Racist

That's how I'd describe most of the people in my age group and living in this area.
They are people who've retired after working lives involving a measure of hardship but who now have no real worries because they have pensions and free medicines and live in decent and secure rented homes The area is semi-rural, close enough to go shopping via the local bus, but away from the bustle of town or city centre. In other words I and they have little to complain about.
But they do complain, at length, about how immigrants are bleeding us dry because they claim everything going and then send loads of money home to their families elsewhere. Not one of the moaners has any evidence, by way of personal experience. They don't belong to any political parties, they generally don't vote, they don't even go to the pub for a good argument......they just moan.
I get sickened by it. I have occasionally suggested that they might be misinformed on a particular point, which wouldn't be hard as they only read 'The Sun' or 'The Mirror' or 'The Mail'. But I've learned to my cost that my neighbours don't appreciate alternative points of view. I've been sworn at more than once and told that
I think this means that I come from another planet and therefore cannot share their suffering at the hands of foreigners. Nobody uses non pc words that could land them in trouble, but they are strong in their belief that East Europeans are just the latest in a long line of savages who have visited these shores since time immemorial to plunder. My neighbours would add other crimes but they know well enough the response that would provoke from me.
I want to keep on challenging their views, but it get's harder all the time. I only want to push the door of a closed mind open just enough to let a sunbeam in, but I'm likely to be in my coffin before that happens.

PS There are no persons of foreign extraction, other than the chinese take-away staff, living closer than 10 miles from here.

Just a rant...................

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