Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One small moment of enlightenment.................

It has dawned on me that I lose interest in writing my novels because they are boring.

They are boring because they are history tomes with a few fictional characters thrown in; the history takes centre stage and the characters and minor incidents are incidental.

I realised this because I find writing my short stories exciting.....and that's because I'm making them up as I go along and they have only a tenuous link with reality.

Soooooo I have one Hell of a lot of re-imagining to do. I'm not depressed by this I feel liberated because I've given myself permission to invent stuff.

Now, let's see, when and where did I last see my  imagination? I might have left it on a bookshelf somewhere or possibly in my trinkets box,.
 Gotta go and hunt it down.

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