Sunday, May 01, 2016

Some steps forward despite several backward falls.

This blog's gaps show how much my state of mind affects everything else. The battle to think clearly and imaginatively while walking a tightrope continues.

I won't bore anyone with the negative details. I'll only mention the positive stuff:

I had some, free sessions with a mental health worker that helped because she seemed to think that I'm a reasonably nice person. She might have been saying that because positive reinforcement is part of her job but it did help.

 When the sessions stopped I felt bad again, but told my family that I have ongoing mental health issues. They didn't run away screaming so that was ok.

Out of spite my IBS returned, but I'm dealing with that and mostly staying healthy.  

I'm trying meditation which is helping when I remember to do it.

Berst of all, I re-wrote a short story from a few years back and I've entered it in a competition. It won't even make the shortlist, but the real success is that I actually submitted something and I still feel good about it.

If only Summer would get here....................

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