Sunday, March 26, 2017

This year is getting 'interesting'

Somehow I had a feeling this year would be busy with new experiences.
 I didn't know how, but it is certainly starting to rock now.

Without too much tedious detail I'm going to tell you a 'Tale of 2 Hospitals' this year.

Last year my gut was going through a restless stage  and my GP, lovely woman, was throwing everything at the problem to improve things. As part of her quest she sent me for a CT scan of my Aorta. Somewhere around the turn of the year the results came back.
'Good News' she said 'there's nothing wrong with your Aorta'. I would have waved a flag if I wasn't waiting for the other shoe to drop, 'However' ( luv that word) 'however there is some problem in your heart'. Being a curious creature I asked for more, but she had no details, she said I'd need to see a cardiologist to find out.

Time passes and I get an appointment for a Monday afternoon cardiac clinic at the nearby and well-regarded heart unit. On the Friday before the clinic I get a letter with NHS stamped on it.
It says my recent mammogram on the breast screening programme has flagged up something and I need to visit their clinic at a different, but also good hospital and the appointment was for the morning of Monday. The same Monday.
At this point I stopped and did a quick appraisal of my future prospects. Then I decided I couldn't have 2 medical problems coincide like that and the breast thing was obviously just a blip on the screen.............

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