Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's been a while

Almost a year has slipped through my hands without any posts. My life hasn't been uneventful, but I deal in tiny events now like seeing otters in the wild.

I have one major event to tell- my sister and I found each other. Neither of us knew of the other's existence but we were coincidentally wading in family history waters trying to find something in the murk.
We bumped into each other online and at first neither of us could believe the other was real, but now we've met and it's true and it's great.

Life is easier now. I suppose partially this is due to the passage of time although nothing dims my memories of Tony. I think it's more because I have built a life that has good things in it. I was extremely lucky to move to this flat in the Spring. I now live comfortably in a place that has revived my delight in the natural world. The pains have eased.

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