Saturday, November 08, 2008


Yes I've been sluggish, but it's damned hard to slough off of your old skin and get the new one working right, but I'm all gleaming and wriggling now.

I'm tackling NanoWrimo again. Partly to see if I have any writing in me, because the last one was done to save my sanity. but also because it's fun.
I'm enjoying the slog and punching in my daily total. I get the writing done in small bites and it's largely physical discomfort that gets me up and leaving the laptop.
I walk the dog with more pleasure because the fresh air tastes better. I enjoy the TV programmes that I do see. I'm rationing myself to one maybe two per day and they are my reward for working hard.

Ok if you don't believe that I'm really trying hard I 've posted chapter one first draft aka load of rubbish over on 'Whatever comes'. and I HAVe written chapters two and three as well!

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