Thursday, January 08, 2009

The signs are hopeful

So what else am I doing apart from maundering here?

I'm knitting again too. Now this may not sound much to you, but I seldom let a day pass without needles in my hands back in the days....
I have proudly completed TWO sweaters in the last 2 months: one for my daughter Kate and another for her husband Chris. This I find vastly reassuring because I've been a knitting addict since I was five. I have been buying yarn and knitting books in the last year, so I'm glad to be gaining some control over my stash.

Buying books has been a major addiction these last months. Buying but not reading.
New Year's resolution number 685 MUST read something all the way through. I am hopeful of accomplishing this one because Christmas tv was such utter tripe that even I, the Complete Vegetable, was appalled.

Yes I feel a degree of optimism coming on.

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