Monday, January 05, 2009

Today a fresh start ( how many times have you heard that one before}

This IS a fresh start because I am going to begin editing my NaNo novel.
If you follow the link on this page to 'Whatever Comes' you'll see the original first draft of chapter one. I intend to edit chapter by chapter on the second draft because I'm reasonably happy with the storyline at present.

I would appreciate it should any of you choose to read a chapter, if you would add your comments.
Please tell me what you think especially where you find boring bits or sections that you think are complete rubbish.
As I progress through the chapters I'd also be glad if you would comment on the story and characters.
If you think the hero is a big Woos or the heroine is a ball-breaker I'd love to know that especially if you tell me WHY.
Hopefully we will all get to the end of the second draft.

Then we'll go for the third and final draft................

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