Monday, March 31, 2014

Birthday/Mother's Day etc

Not a lot done on the writing front.
Had a birthday recently and then it was Mother's Day and a couple of small celebrations like that throw me off course completely. Not much of an excuse really, but when I add in a few days 'off' with hayfever that might be a better one.
Anyway I returned to the fray this morning, but didn't write much because I'd forgotten the details of the action I was trying to convey; so back to the reference material, then back to the writing. I can't remember anything these days!
On the plus side: the weather is improving and actually feels more like Spring; so I also "wasted" time sorting out some walks for me and the dog. I was using Google Maps to locate starting points with parking close by so that dog doesn't have to walk too far.
Never mind, try harder tomorrow.

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