Wednesday, April 30, 2014

plodding on

Only managed about 650 words over the last two days. I've been drowning in nautical terminology. First I have to learn what some technique or piece of equipment is and how it's used (reference books and Googling, which are far too distracting),  then I have to use the technique/equipment correctly in the story which involves brain working on 2 levels; then I have to use my hero's actions and thoughts to try and put it all in simple language. Phew.....
 I'm sure it will need loads of editing, but at least he doesn't spend the whole novel aboard ship!

I took Monday off because I did a short story over the weekend, so I am more or less where I should be in the week's work. I could really do with a holiday on a sail training ship to get it all clear in my mind.

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