Thursday, April 17, 2014

The need to stay awake during the day

Silly isn't it when you can't fall asleep at night but get to lunchtime and some zzzzzzz's would be very welcome?

Yesterday I had written a chunk of chapter 2, but instead of hitting 'Save' I hit another key (I have NO idea which one) and eradicated the lot. I did jump up and down and say some bad words. I calmed down walking the dog and returned to the fray. I got the same idea on the page in fewer words and tighter in style So......
I then gave up writing and read instead.

Today I intended to do lots, but was distracted by several things. The delivery man arrived with my Easter groceries, but all the chilled goods were from someone else's order! It took a bit of time to sort that out, but I have my butter and yogurts now.

 I need to walk the dog but I want to nap instead. I shall switch off the computer and do the right thing for the poor hound.

Happy Easter

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