Thursday, September 03, 2009

Driven Mad

Help. I'm being driven mad....

It started when I caught H1 N1 Insomnia from a certain relative.
I've had older chronic versions of Insomnia before, the kind where you wake at 03.30, get up make a cuppa and grab a start on the day before the rest of the world.

Now I've got the 'Why go to bed at all' variety, which is very deadly. I hang around my laptop till well past beddies time then I read until my eyes fall out of my face, then I have vivid crazy dreams that don't fit into ANY context I can think of. Then I get up and drag through next morning with headache etc etc.Of course I liven up again in the evening and don't go to bed then either.

Added to this internal disease Firefox is making me crazy. I've always loved Firefox and been besotted since we first met, loving all his fun features.

A little while back I downloaded 3.5 and very snazzy he was too.There were few irritations,okay he was slower than the old Firefox, but I have more patience so we didn't fight about it. Pages weren't always showing up legible because the damn print size kept wobbling, but I just dug out my specs.

However 3 days ago Foxy Baby refused to let me read my email.Maybe it was a fit of jealous pique, so I let it ride.
Another day and still no email, just blank pages. So I tried tinkering to no avail.

Then I went for help only to find that Foxy has been screwing over his other buddies and they like me are getting a bit pissed at this anti-social behaviour.

This morning, headache an' all, I backtracked to a previous Foxy Woxy , it cost me a few passwords but what the Hell.
I started again
................. (long pause for unprintable expletives).........

The old version won't let me read my email either.

If you're reading this Foxy Socksy I'd like to tell you that you are jeopardising my long held affection for you.

Get back on track, straighten up and do right by me!!!!!

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