Monday, September 07, 2009

Monday mornin'

Start of a new working week and I actually did some writing for the novel this morning. Have a look over on 'Whatever Comes' if you're interested....

While walking Razz this morning I had a flash of long lost memory. There was a nice little single funnel steamer coming up the channel. It was still misty and she had lights on her fore and main masts.I said to the dog'Oh they're her riding lights I think'.

While wondering if I had the nautical term right I remembered a house I'd not seen in 50 years. It was called 'Riding Lights'.
The memory was of a girl called Lyn and me.I'd stayed at her house overnight and we snuck out after dark and tramped around the woods in the moonlight. At one point, trudging through someone's garden, we found a swimming pool that had been drained. It's deep end contained a large pile of fallen leaves and we'd rushed about in it shrieking and throwing armfulls in the air.
Some time later her father's car picked us up on the road and took us home.
I was never invited there again.
Strange that I should remember it so clearly today.

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