Friday, September 04, 2009

Okay Foxy Woxy I still luvs ya

This morning I fire up the old laptop and open Firefox and Shazzam there's my mail!
Apparently the Mozilla Fairy snuck in while I was sleeping and made things all better again. Thank You whatever you are. Even my morning headache feels better.

I have another fly in my ointment that is trivial by comparison, but I must mention it now.
I buy stuff online: it's easier than hauling the dog to a shop only to be refused entry which irks me somewhat, plus paying the delivery charge keeps somebody in work and decreases my carbon footprint, plus I'm lazy.

It took ages to find galvanised buckets even with all the might of Google, but I found some and ordered 2.
Box arrived,big box. I opened it and found shoved inside each other 2 galvanised incinerators- the ones that are really a modified dustbin.

Seeing as I want the buckets for forcing rhubarb, large and ungainly dustbins aren't gonna be adequate substitutes.

I have emailed the company and asked them to collect bins and replace with buckets. Watch this space.....

Today the sun is shining for a rare change. I must away to the borders and plant some bulbs, skippety skippety skip.

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