Saturday, November 02, 2013

Procrastination Station

Day 2 of this year's Nano and after a good start yesterday I'm making excuses and dithering before getting anything done today.

I like to write in the morning, but this is a Saturday and I have stuff to do. I need to do some washing and more importantly I need to take a proper look at my car. I dented it yesterday, stupid fool and shied away from a close examination.

I think the damage is fairly superficial but may still need to get somebody else to repair it. I don't want to do that because bodywork is SO costly. Hopefully I can bodge it up myself. The car needs it's MOT this month anyway, maybe the garage will give me a decent deal?

The big question is why am I drizzling on about the car and ignoring my NaNo work?

Dunno, but concerned................

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