Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three things in the Post today

Today 3 things of great importance arrived today.

1/ A biography, mercifully not overlong, of Ahmad Al-Mansur. No I had never heard of him either until a couple of months ago. He was a contemporary of Elizabeth 1 and ruled Morocco. He's important to my current W.I.P. He started out as a background figure, but now 50,000 words later he's demanding more attention. This book must be brooded over at length and absorbed.

2/ As my Christmas present to me, 'Assassin's Creed 2'. I just really want to play this. I haven't played any computer games, aside from Mahjong, for several years. Following online reviews I decided that Assassin's Creed 1 might put me off gaming again for good so I plumped for 2. It sounds totally fascinating. I MUST keep my paws off it until Christmas.

3/ Package ripped open and contents put to use immediately, my new coffee fixer. This is a long-running saga but to cut to the important bit; my last coffee pot worked great then someone told me it had been taken off the market in the USA some years ago because it was liable to 'sudden and catastrophic failure'. It had to go , Boo Hoo. The new one is a double walled, stainless steel coffee press. I was dubious about it because the last cafetiere I tried, a glass one,was pathetic. This one seems really good. It filters the coffee well and keeps it HOT. I think it may become my new best friend.

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