Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not wanted on voyage

My youngest grandchild starts college soon. It sank in today that she and the others are all growing into functioning adults and I'm not sure if I'll fill any viable role in their lives from here on. It is a version, I guess, of Empty Nest syndrome and I don't like it.

I've always lived on a creed that somebody needs me and that need justifies my existence; realising that I'm not essential to anybody else's well-being is hard to accept.
This redundancy probably crops up in any life that's lived long enough, it's another thing nobody warns you about on that long list of ''All the Things I wish I'd known about Old Age before I got OLD, but didn't.''
I called this post 'Not wanted on voyage' because  while those trunks lay in the hold on the long journey they know they'll be opened again in a new place, so....I still have a ray of hope that if Great-Grandchildren appear somebody will phone and say 'We need you. Can you come over?'

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