Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

Feeling extremely sad at the news. At first I thought he'd maybe had a heart attack and I was pleased for him that he'd been taken suddenly because somehow that seems appropriate when you're aware that somebody is having a tough time.
Then I read that he'd apparently taken his own life and the sadness hit me. There are many people who feel desperate yet live with that and with all the reasons why they feel bad; I'm so sad that he no longer wanted to do that.
 His wry irony should have kept him going, shouldn't it?  But such skills don't help the comic do they? He seemed to have an inexhaustible well of humour  and I feel somehow that should have helped him on dark days, as his  humour helped a lot of us.

I'm so sorry you couldn't stay Mr Williams.........

Later... so many people mourning him. He gave out a lot of love but was given plenty too and it didn't help.
 Did he feel like a perpetual Mork, always alien, laughable as well as humourous? I fear that he did  and that's dreadful.

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