Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's strange....

It's strange, odd behaviour on my part.
I really think I've sat since Christmas, warm and dry, while outside the weather has been appalling for weeks and what have I done while largely confined to my well-feathered nest?
Nothing..Nada...Zilch. I could have written thousands of words, but have only managed a few hundred.I could have read a slew of books to improve my understanding of matters nautical but I haven't.

I am ashamed now that I realise how the time slipped through my fingers. I've mostly spent my days knitting; while that saves me from complete reproach it's not so great because I've always knitted to keep occupied.

I knitted a baby cardigan for a little girl's first birthday.

I almost completed another design based on a jacket worn by Jennifer Lawrence's character in the first 'Hunger Games' film. It was to be a birthday present for my granddaughter, but when I gave her a first fitting of the jacket I could see she was not captivated by it, nor was she enthusiastic about having such an item in er wardrobe. It was a fair point because Katniss Everdeen wears her jacket when hunting small animals for food, my granddaughter has never hunted anything and would baulk at the idea..... so the unfinished project has gone into the discard pile.

I am halfway through a cardigan for myself now which will please me ....hopefully when complete. But writing it ain't.

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