Friday, February 28, 2014

Trying for the END

I'm still in the process or organising my thoughts for the current Wip.

I've now pushed the whole 50,000 NANOWRIMO pile from December into the pc's deepest cellar.
I'm still using a big chunk of the research I did for that but the female MC has disappeared to be replaced by a young male. I've not tried to write a story about a bloke before, so that gives me a buzz.

I realise that his active lifestyle will either need a quick rush through if I'm covering his life or a more detailed and hopefully more gripping short passage through some of the high and low points.

There is now a sketchy outline and some characters are penciled in but I need a lot more................

I've spent the last week or so thrashing about trying to construct an ending with no success. But now I think I'm close to sorting it.I'm going to limit the time frame and write an ending that leaves his story incomplete. It will tie up everything that he's done in his still young life but leave the reader aware that not everything is resolved. I hope that will be satisfying but stimulating as well.

Feeling excited now and approaching it with optimism.

Haven't got a title yet, but that's a problem for another day.

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