Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Addendum to Yesterday

In the afternoon of yesterday I was waiting for my grocery delivery and it was getting very close to end of the slot time. I was becoming irritable:
because they were verging on late,
because the dog was anxious to go out but had to wait,
because it'd had been a altogether frustrating day.
I hate it when I'm researching stuff, think I've found a great source, download it and skim through it only to find that it wasn't written from the angle I thought or that it only touched on my interest tangentially. I tend to make 'Grr' noises a lot when that happens and yesterday was a multi-Grr day.

At last the food arrived about 10 minutes past the appointed slot and I prepared to make a sarcastic attack on the delivery guy. I looked out the window, saw he wasn't in the first flush of youth (to be kind) and decided to be nice instead. I'm glad I was pleasant because when he'd brought in the last load of supplies he handed me a bottle of champagne and said that was a New Year's gift from the supermarket for shopping with them in 2013. I went suddenly all 'Aaawww'.

Later in the evening I was reading news articles online and came across the phrase 'Polar Vortex' for the first time. I get curious about all sorts of things so I started reading scientific articles on Arctic oscillation etc etc.
My interest was peaked because I made a start on a post-apocalyptic SF novel several years ago and the trigger for that plot was a sudden onset Ice-Age. I abandoned it reluctantly when the scientific community en-masse went into Warming mode.
Most of the articles I read last night were explaining the current big freeze in the USA as part of the standard Global Warming scenario for our future, but there were one or two who made tentative reference to a possible sudden onset Mega-freeze.

So today I've dug out that old plot and I'm seriously thinking this could be a good one to develop again.

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