Wednesday, January 01, 2014

MY New Year resolutions are already in jeopardy.

I've not read all the books I promised myself I would, partly because I've been so heavily into Rumi of late but also because I do most of my reading in bed. Reading in a warm comfy bed is a good idea if you go to bed early, I don't. I take the dog out last thing so stay in my day clothes all evening, thus by the time I do get to bed I can only manage a page or two before sleep wins. This can't be the only reason I'm behind with my reading, but it sounds like a passable excuse.
If I had the attention span of a gnat I'd be reading right now but I'm shattered today because the local firework guerrillas were still going strong at 0130 this morning. I live in a quiet suburb of moderately good housing; there are no children rampaging the streets and few joyriders, but at the slightest excuse local morons fire off salvos of loud ordnance for hours at a stretch.

Why do they do it? You need lots of cash to buy fireworks and complete hearing loss to be close to the things when they go off. The star bursts and enormous bangers seem to emanate from a gated community down by the water; last night two of the explosions were loud enough to rattle the windows at a distance of half a mile.

I am trying to be loving and NICE to everyone this year, but if someone gave me a couple of hand grenades right now I'd promptly go down there and repay their kind consideration.........

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