Thursday, January 02, 2014

More storms ahead

The weather forecast is bad again and it's disconcerting how smug I feel living on top of a windy hill and not on a flood plain as so many of my fellow citizens do. Another failure for my resolve to care about humanity at large.

Since WW2 that we've embarked on massive building schemes on land that was always unsuitable in the past. Collectively we have no sense of history, only in 1953 a huge storm and tidal surge ravaged the East coast and I think we've built on every square foot of that land since with no consideration of it happening again.
There seems to be a disconnect between us and our environment too, is it because most people live in towns and cities that individuals go paddling on New Year's Eve while a storm rages on the beach they've gone to visit? A man died, swept off the beach, rescuers put themselves in harms way for two days trying to find him and nobody comments on the foolishness of the revellers.
People buy dogs and then think the animals can be treated like toys, alternately ignored then pulled about by small children. A child gets bitten and dies and so does the dog ...........none of it makes sense to me.

I want to be granted a New Year Wish and that is one for everyone to use common sense in their actions to avoid harm as well as consideration for others. Unfortunately I don't think the Wish Fairy is available right now.

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