Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In the bleak mid-winter

Although the writing as languished for a bit I have been thinking about my new opus. I've jotted down some thoughts and have ideas of the experiences my hero will have to endure, but need to read more on early 17C life at sea to get all the sweaty details.

Aside from the lack of writing I've kept occupied with knitting; the first spell of knitting for months and I'm enjoying it. It'll feel like a slog again when my hands start hurting, I see there's a bit of swelling between the knuckles already, but for now it's good to do.

I feel cheerful and quite at peace with the world despite the rain and the cold, I'm counting my blessings. The dog conversely is getting to be a total grouch. He grumbles and sulks a LOT. I guess it's partly due to aching joints, which I believe aren't as painful as they are annoying to him, but more to do with the limited trips outside. We did venture out to one of his favourite places yesterday, but the ferocious wind and sleety rain made for a short trip. He can and does sleep much of the time. We don't have that in common at present, I seem to stay awake late every night then struggle to function in the afternoons. It's due to the lack of fresh air and insufficient exercise I'm sure.

Roll on SPRING!!

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