Friday, January 03, 2014

Currents at sea and in plots

Trying to give some new structure to the WW2 effort. I'm definitely dropping one of the MCs; I never really related to her. I think I want to write more about the childhood of the two remaining girls, it's fraught with interesting Potential for an unhappy childhood. I want them to have something to fight against so they'll really want to change their lives and the war will be the agent that enables them to do that.
So I need to re-do the outline , then write the new material then see how it works with the old stuff. It may be that I have to scratch a lot , but never mind eh?

As for my piratical effort I think I need to start the story close to the end of it. I'll introduce Farid as the successful man and then go back to explore how he got there. Then I can return to his present day and put in the stuff that will destroy his happy world. I don't think it will have a happy ending but we'll see.
It may be daft to work on two stories at the same time, but that method has worked for me with other kinds of project; the theory being that as I bog down with one I can flip over to the other, after all they're very different stories.

I read some really good stuff yesterday about winds, birds at sea and so forth. I got hold of this book published in the 1940's about how to survive at sea and find your way back if you're lost. It was aimed at crews who'd been shipwrecked during the war but has stacks of useful stuff about 'primitive' navigation,happily the author recognised the sophisticated thinking of early seafarers and saw that such techniques were still helpful.

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